Share Your Contribution

This section is devoted to explain how any user can submit a contribution as well as the advantages of such submission.

Every contribution will be presented in this web site: the author will take all the credits and will take care of future comments that will eventually rise. The author can either make public his email or create a post on the blog in order to discuss his contribution or adopt both the options. In the following two main contributions are explained:

Everyone is welcome to share his contribution [1]. It is very easy to integrate a new method in MuTE. The main guidelines are easy to follow: taking a look at parametersAndMethods function a new method is easily added to Mute by reproducing what has already done for lines 12-74 and lines 180-288. A createNewMethodNameParams function must be created. This is a simple task accomplished by copying and rearranging an already existing createMethodNameParams function (such as createBinnueParams for instance) with the specific parameters of the new method. If the post-processing phase already provided can give enough useful information then the three functions described in the section Storing and Visualization of the Results that can be read here should be modified according to the new method.

The main function of the new method must be saved with the name of the method as it has already been done for the other methods. Be careful to give the corresponding params.methods field the same name. In this way callingMethods will be able to run the correct method without returning any error.

Once the new method is ready and published it may be submitted to the web site and a section will be devoted to it in MuTE page. A new page will be created to provide the theoretical elements of the new method and new experiments will be added if requested. The page “MuTE Settings” will be updated accordingly. The author has to provide text and figures that should be published on the web site.

1. NB: a new method submission will be accepted after the author will publish a new method on a peer reviewed journal. BACK TO POST

Every feedback and/or contribution to modify or improve existing functions is welcomed. A user can submit his version of a function that will be added to MuTE Settings page and some examples will be added if necessary. The author is asked to provide a detailed explanation of the function with some examples.